Walkers, Rollators & Frames

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These devices, often described as rollators, assist mobility and are fitted with either two, three or even four wheels.  They come in many designs and colours, for short or tall people, slim or heavy build.


Just In – Height Adjustable Walker  Net Weight is just 6.6kg, removable flip up backrest, mesh bag, walking stick holder, study construction yet breaks down easily for transport.


Push-Down Lock Walker.   Weight activated back brakes – ideal for arthritic conditions. May also be ideal for those with cognitive issues who have difficulty applying brakes.  Handles are height adjustable, folds easily, carry pouch, padded backrest and a comfortable seat. 



GF Walker 7.5″ wheel – Blue or Red 


Allied Medical 6″ wheel – Blue 


Allied Medical 7.5″ wheel – Blue & Red 



Mobilis Walker with seat and folding tray



Freiheit Walker – Blue & Bronze colours, narrow frame 


Freiheit Freedom Stroller XS – Bronze 



Tri (3) Wheel Walkers. We have two styles in stock.                                                                                                                                                                                      

Tri Walker with tote bag.  These great little lightweight walkers are very easy to manoeuvre, has a tote bag, lockable hand brakes, sturdy and durable.  It folds quickly and easily for convenient storage.

Tri Wheel Walker with basket and tray –  This walker folds inwards via an upwards release of a hinge at the front centre of the frame.  A wire basket, tote bag with zipper and tray are included as part of this product.  This Tri Wheel Walker has lockable hand brakes, sturdy, durable yet  lightweight.  It folds quickly and easily for convenient storage.



Bariatric Walker – Designed to suit larger users.    With a higher weight capacity than regular rollator, these offer stability and mobility for the larger adult. The frame is extremely durable and with heavy-duty castors can be used both indoors and outdoors. It has a soft padded seat, bag under seat and a removable padded backrest.  


Liberator Travel Walker – Blue & Purple Folds into a Suitcase – Ideal for Travel



Walking Frames 

Walking frames are a lightweight aluminium frame ideal for anyone needing an extra level of support in or out of the home.  They come with ski’s, rollers or feet.   Its easy-fold technology allows you to fold the walker in seconds with the lift of a finger for fast and easy storage.  



Knee Walker     Do you have a foot or ankle injury?
The Knee Walker is an innovative mobility device which takes any unnecessary weight off the injured area while also reducing the strain on the rest of your body.  It is a great alternative to crutches, wheelchairs or  walkers, particularly if balancing is difficult.  The Knee Walker has adjustable handle heights, knee height, is easy to fold down, comes with a carry basket and dual locking hand brakes.
It can help maintain an active and independent lifestyle.

2 in 1 Walker or Convertible Rollator and Transfer Chair (Walker and wheelchair in one) This lightweight collapsible aluminium rollator has four 8.0″ castors. The front two castors swivel allowing for the rollator to be easily moved in any direction. These larger sized castors allow it to be used both indoors and outdoors. The cable loop brakes are easy to use and when squeezed with both hands allow instant braking. They also have a locking feature which allows the brakes to be “locked on”, necessary when using the wheeled walker’s built-in seat. This rollator features a transfer chair with a height adjustable footrest and padded backrest. Its easy folding mechanism allows for easy storage and transportation.

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Gutter Frame Walker (Rollator) also known as – Forearm Rollator . A great rollator for people with weaker arms and shoulders. This steel-framed, mobile, four-wheeled, folding walker designed to support the user in an upright position with padded armrests for comfort. The walker features a seat and cable brakes on the rear wheels. The gutter-style arm supports are height adjustable. Rollator also comes with a tray that can be slotted onto the seat for carrying small items and a removable basket. Note brakes must be locked before sitting on the seat. Please note the seat is narrow.

Ruahine Rollator – 4 wheeled, pram handled folding rollator with basket, tray and locking brakes. Break leaver under handle bar for easy use and the handle bar is height adjustable.