Toilet Accessories

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  • Toilet Seat Raiser
    Raised Toilet seats are used by those who find it difficult standing from a low seated position. Because they make conventional toilet seats higher, the user has a shorter distance to both sit down and stand up.   Assists those who have undergone hip surgery etc.  Toilet raisers come in different heights and with or without handles.

  • Urinal Bottle Non-spill, large capacity urinal bottle that can be used by both males and females with removable attachments.
  • Bedpan Slipper The slipper pan is designed to make toileting an easier task. For those lying down, simply roll onto the pan and off again after toileting. The built-in handle at the rear makes it easy for
  • Bedpan Premium A bedpan is a receptacle used for the toileting of a bedridden patient in a health care facility or home. A bedpan can be used for both urinary and fecal discharge.
  • Bedside Commode This commode has a removable padded vinyl upholstery top seat to show a toilet seat and bucket (lid provide for bucket). There’s a backrest ensuring it is both comfortable and good looking. With adjustable legs it can be raised or lowered to make it easier to get off/on for those recovering from hip, knee surgery or frail. 
  • Folding Commode. The folding commode made from a powder coated steel for strength and durability. Easy assemble frame that can be folded and stored when not in use. Adjustable height legs, lift-up seat with removable bucket (lid provided), and removable splash guard. $
  • HY5 Multi 5 Function Chair

HY5 is a unique NEW product helping individuals remain independent and safe at home. As we age, we need help with basic tasks. HY5 is the only device that offers the all-in-one functionality that you need.

Walker/Rollator Use your HY5 to walk, with or without the leisure seat cushion. Fully height adjustable seat height and handle height (for armrest or walking handle height). Hand brakes for walking and seat-level brakes for when seated. Backrest and carry tray. Standard 2-wheels and 2 skid-feet or optional rear wheels (accessory). Handles fold away to the side allowing an easy side transfer from your leisure chair. Confidently use your HY5 walker out and about with the commode hidden from view.

Shower Chair Take your HY5 walker into the shower, can be used for sitting and standing.Made from hardened aluminium, stainless steel or plastic so will not rust. HY5 also converts into an “attendant use” shower – toilet – transfer chair as the push handles rotate 180 degrees allowing your caregiver to use HY5 as a lightweight and convenient aid.

Portable Travel Chair HY5 walker easily folds down, no tools required, to fit into its convenient lightweight travel bag (accessory) weighing just 8kg (18lb). HY5 walker has all 5-functions in one, making it the perfect piece of equipment for travelling. HY5 doubles as an “attendant use” shower – toilet – transfer chair because of the push handles rotate 180 degrees allowing your caregiver to use HY5 as a lightweight and convenient transport aid.

Bedside Commode HY5 walker includes a built-in commode function, hidden from view by our innovative and unique fabric seat cover when the commode is not required.

Toilet Chair/Raised Toilet Seat
HY5 walker fits over the toilet & is fully height adjustable to suit the user. HY5 walker doubles as a toilet chair and a raised toilet seat.

  • Toilet chair / chair can be raised
Bedside Commode
Shower Chair
Portable, bag included
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  • Commode Buckets – Assorted sizes
Commode Plastic Bowl (bucket) & Lid (30cm/12″ circumference)
  • Toilet Safely Frame Surround to offer security while getting on and off the toilet
  • Free Standing Adjustable frame The Freestanding Toilet Surround is designed to provide the user with added stability when getting on and off the toilet.
  • Bottom Wiper. Easywipe is light, sturdy easy to use and keep clean.  You will be able to discreetly carry your Easywipe in its own travel pouch which is included. It consists of a central body with a soft rounded silicone end to which toilet tissue or toilet wipes are attached.  At the other end, a push button will release the paper tissue or wipes after use. Made from tough and durable plastic with a silicone rounded end for wiping.  Ergonomically designed to be a comfortable, safe to use and to assist reaching when wiping is difficult. The Buckingham Easywipe has been specially designed by Occupational Therapist Chris Clarke. This totally new and innovative design overcomes the drawbacks of existing devices and ensures personal hygiene for those who find reaching difficult, and is one of those particularly helpful gadgets.The Easywipe has a research-led ergonomic shape, helping those with limited dexterity. The rounded soft and smooth design has a simple, uncomplicated mechanism, which grips the toilet tissue firmly and releases it cleanly without the need to touch the tissue after wiping.Suitable for use with either toilet tissue or wet wipes.