Peta Ease-Grips

This high quality, stainless steel Peta Easi-Grip® Trowel has a specially angled handle. Benefitting from recent design improvements it is not just great to look at but is even more comfortable to use. By keeping your hand and wrist at a natural angle they eliminate the strains and blisters that can be caused by conventional style garden tools.

The green “soft-feel” grip has a non-slip waterproof finish making the tools easy to grip even if you have wet hands. The highly polished finish of the metal part stops soil sticking to the tool making the tools easier to use and clean.

Arm Support Cuff
This simple Peta Arm Support Cuff can make a world of difference to your gardening experience. The aluminium rod plugs into the back of any Peta Easi-Grip® garden tool and allows the gardener to use the strength of the forearm for all gardening activity, reducing stress on the hand and wrist. 
Add-on Handle
By simply attaching the Peta Add-On Handles to your favourite hand tools you can make them more comfortable to use. You can also use the Peta arm support cuffs with Add-On Handles too. By using two Add-On Handles set at right angles to each other on a rake or hoe you can carry out the task without twisting and bending, saving your back as well as your hand, and can be used on some of your favorite gardening tools so you don’t have to replace them.
Cultivator attached to Arm Support Cuff
Trowel attached to Add-on Handle