Living Aids

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General aids to assist you in everyday tasks

Since opening in 2014 we have worked hard to maintain our reputable business that continues to receive new customers through recommendations.
Our aim is to provide gadgets and equipment that can assist you around the home and carry out everyday tasks that can sometimes be challenging.

For those who struggle with mobility, daily life can be a struggle. Our aids for daily living are designed to help users remain as mobile as possible, allowing them to enjoy aspects of life which may otherwise be too difficult.

  • Pressure relief cushions
  • Grab rails
  • Walker trolleys
  • Back rest and back supports
  • Reachers
  • Can openers
  • Over bed tables
  • Twisters and turners (tap turners)

Many other home aids available

Take a look to see what we have in store to assist you to maintain your independence.