Wheelchairs, manual or electric

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  • Wheelchairs & Electric Wheelchairs we offer a fairly extensive choice on Wheelchairs and also have one of the lightest on the market at only 8kg. Perfect for travel holidays/overseas.

Moving Star M101 Electric Wheelchair

Moving Star M101 Electric Wheelchair is a unique power wheelchair with a simple steering mechanism. With only a couple of hand movements it is folded flat to the ground and fits effortlessly into every trunk or closet. And also within seconds it is easily unfolded again and ready to use. The Moving Star 101 weighs only 19.5 kilograms and is the lightest foldable power wheelchair worldwide, you can easily take it on vacation. Even while travelling it offers comfortable mobility and support, where ever you go. The Moving Star is powered by two enduring electric engines, ensuring a silent and emission-free propulsion. Even inclines of up to 10% are no problem. The up-to-date lithium-ion battery can be charged at every normal plug socket in your house, the charger is included with delivery. The powerful battery enables a range of 15 kilometers. The interchangeable batteries are even approved to be taken into an aircraft (IATA approved), so you can easily fly onto vacation and meet new people and explore new countries. And you can take your powerful electric scooter onto a cruise ship as well.

  • The lightest foldable wheelchairs
  • Powerful drive
  • High range
  • Allowed in public transport
  • Replaceable lithium batteries
  • Comfortable armrests
  • High quality tires
  • Removable seat cushions for easy cleaning
  • Battery IATA-tested, suitable for transport on the plane
  • Anti-tilt wheels
  • Other accessories in the online shop


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CTM HS-1500 Power Chairs

CTM HS-1500 Power Chair Near New $1,500

The CTM HS-1500 is a portable lightweight powerchair that disassembles with no connectors. It comes with a swivel seat, flip-up footplate, drop-in battery pack and flat free tyres. This chair provides a convenient, user friendly experience.

If you’re looking for a mobility solution that is manageable and portable then the HS-1500 may be the one for you.

CTM HS-2850 Power Chair 

The CTM HS-2850 mid wheel drive powerchair comes complete with a captain style seat, flip up footplate, adjustable flip up arm rests and an easy to use Dynamic Shark controller. With six wheels on the ground at all times and full coil over suspension, the HS-2850 provides a very stable and comfortable ride in most environments. Ideally suited to indoor or urban environments, the HS-2850 has all the features to get you out and about, living life.




Walker and Wheeler combined, this is a very strong and elegant all-rounder with large sea rider resting. Back strap can easily flip for forward or backward positioning and adjustable footrests will clip back if needed when not in use or can be removed. Walking stick holder included. Champagne in colour and stylish, this unit folds down to only .08 cubic metre and 9.1kg in weight. It can even fit in a large suitcase


Lightweight Self-Propelled Wheelchair with a total weight of just 10.6kg. Independently tested and approved by SGS to meet AS/NZS 3695.1:2001 standards.


Lightweight Transit Wheelchair with a total weight of just 9.6kg. Independently tested and approved by SGS to meet AS/NZS 3695.1:2001 standards.

Allied Self Propel Karma Ergolite: 

The Karma S-Ergo is designed specifically to fit the curves of your body. The seat shape provides many advantages associated with stability, reducing sliding forward and promoting good posture and pressure distribution.

It folds easily, is very lightweight and extremely compact, making it very easy for clients and caregivers to manage.

Karma Ergolite Transport Chair 

This incredibly light and compact transit wheelchair is ideal for outings and travellers. It folds down to take up virtually no space in the boot of a car and weighs only 8.5 kg – making it easy for anyone to lift into a vehicle.

18″ wide x 16″ deep, the Karma Ergolite is the perfect chair if you’re seeking a solution for outings to the park, shopping mall, or anywhere in the community for that matter.