Crutches and accessories

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  • We have a selective wide range of lightweight crutches for adults and children. All crutches are adjustable.

Children’s Elbow Crutches
Designed for children aged between 4 and 7 years. These strong but lightweight aluminium crutches have double height adjustment between the cuff and the handle and between the handle and the tip
The adult elbow crutches are comfortable, with plain handle, leg and forearm sections adjust independently.
Two sizes in stock for the tall or short person average weight. Sold as a pair or separate.
The ergonomic hand grip elbow crutch assists in distributing pressure evenly. The anodized aluminium frame makes it lightweight and non-slip rubber tip makes this crutch strong and easy to use. Leg and forearm sections adjust independently.
Sold individually or as a pair

Underarm crutches are height adjustable at the handle and bottom of legs.

Adult underarm crutches
– Two sizes, long and short.

These crutches provide durability and they are lightweight. Adjustable with push-button adjustment increments on both the handle and foot pieces.
This design helps with fatigue and long term users.
Smart Crutch (Elbow length)
The unique design of Smart Crutch spreads the entire load over your whole forearm which releases the pressure and pain from the hands and wrists.
The concept of the Smart Crutch design benefits of the forearm crutch concept, while reducing or eradicating the direct forces on the hands and wrists. This is achieved by allowing the user to adjust the angle of the forearm platform, reducing or increasing the amount of weight load to the hands and wrists. The Smart Crutch also helps reduce fatigue, stress, proper posture, heading towards a speedy and safe rehabilitation.
Purple colours
  • Accessories:
  • CRUTCH TIPS (Ferrules)
    These are heavy duty grey,brown or black rubber ferrules designed to cushion and prevent wear.
    A selection of ferrules have the added benefit of circular grooved rings on the base to increase grip and performance, particularly good in wet conditions.
Hexagonal crutch tip
Round Crutch
Knee Walker
(When crutches are not suitable)
Do you have a foot or ankle injury?
The Knee Walker is an innovative mobility device which takes any unnecessary weight off the injured area while also reducing the strain on the rest of your body.
It is a great alternative to crutches or walkers, particularly if balancing is difficult, or crutches or walkers will put too much strain on your arms or shoulders.
The Knee Walker has adjustable handle heights, knee height, is easy to fold down, comes with a carry basket and dual locking hand brakes.
It can help maintain an active and independent lifestyle.