Kitchen aids and feeding aids are important tools for those with flexibility, mobility or physical dexterity issues.

The Mobility Company has selected a range of kitchen ware for the disabled or elderly. Specially adapted cutlery can be found here, along with non-spill feeding aids like cups, mugs, plates and bowls.

Specialised gripping aids for use in the kitchen or at meal times including jar openers, tap turners and kettle tippers.

  • Cutlery
    Specially adapted cutlery for those with a weak grip or a limited range of motion.
  • Cups, beakers and mugs
    Two handled beakers and mugs for those with limited dexterity
  • Kettle tippers
    Devices to help pour hot water safely from the kettle with very little effort or strain.
  • Jar Openers & Bottle Openers
    Tin can openers, jar openers and bottle openers. The Mobility Company is proud to offer a wide range of clever opening devices for the kitchen. These items are useful for people with a weak grip or limited range of movement.
  • Perching Stools
    Perching stools enable the user to ‘semi sit’, at the kitchen sink, workbench or bathroom. They reduce the strain from either standing for long periods and also aid with getting up and down from a full seated position.
  • Tap Turners
    Tap Turners assist with gripping and turning the tap for those with arthritis etc.
  • Plates
    Plates, non-slip and non-spill plates that help those with a variety of physical disabilities. These include people with a weak grip or the use of a single hand. Plate guards and surrounds are made of robust materials.