• Lumbar supports
    Support for the lumber region.
  • Handy bar
    Multi-functional tool to assist with getting in and out of the car, plus a seatbelt cutter and the ability to break a windscreen in an accident.
  • Playing card holders
    Hold your cards in a natural position. Large fan-shaped holder is ideal for those with arthritis or limited grip.
    Comfortably holds standard or oversized playing cards, can be held in the hand or placed on a table.
  • Key holder
    Makes turning keys easier with this lightweight plastic key turner.
    Simply attaches to your key to provide extra leverage and grip when opening doors. Useful for those users with weak wrist strength/grip.
  • Foldable cane seat20314366_l
    For those who may need to sit and rest whilst out walking or at events where seats are not provided.
  • Pill Boxes & Timers
    Variouis pill boxes to suit your need. Useful to ensure medication is taken at the right time.
  • ReachersPick-up tool
    Reachers assist with picking things up without having to bend to much or even at all.
  • Cushion (wheelchair)
    Can assist with reducing pressure and provide comfort.
  • Magnifier
    Various magnifiers from full page soft magnifiers, hobby magnifiers and LED hand held magnifiers.
  • Chair Raisers
    Round chair raisers in packs of 4 to raise the height of chairs making getting up and down a lot easier.
  • Leg Lifter
    Designed to assist the user in lifting a stiff or immobile leg, this dual handled leg lifter has a stiff polyester webbing stem with a steel rivet reinforced foot loop for supporting the leg.
  • Swival Cushions
    The swivel seats assist with seated transfers and can assist you getting in and out of your vehicle.