Chairs & Stools


Stepping Stool The steel-welded silver vein construction on this foot stool is both durable and attractive. The non-skid, ribbed rubber platform provides stability, as do reinforced rubber tips on the legs.
Stepping Stool with long handle

Swival Stool

Perch Stool (with no back) – Designed to allow the user to rest and then stand again with ease, which works well for those who tire easily or recovering from surgery or an injury. Rigid steel, powder coated frame that is able to be used in the kitchen or bathroom.  Height adjustable.

Multi purpose stool
Comfortable chair that can be used in the bath or shower. The blow moulded seat features drainage holes that help reduce slipping. The lightweight aluminium frame is corrosion proof and easy to move in and out of the shower/bath. Adjustable.
Stool with or without back