Bathroom aids for the disabled or elderly. These include small items like nail scissors and clippers along with toileting aids, bath rails and suction handles. Disability aids for the bathroom can be important tools for those looking to retain independence at home.

  • Shower seat19041562_l
    Shower seats designed to aid those who have difficulty standing for long periods. The stools are made of a non-corrosive and anodized.
  • Bath seat
    Designed to assist those who have difficulty getting in and out of a low bath. Four suction cups provide stability and support.
  • Toilet Seat Raiser
    Raised Toilet seats are used by those who find it difficult standing from a low seated position. Because they make conventional toilet seats higher, the user has a shorter distance to both sit down and stand up.   Assists those who have undergone hip surgery etc.
  • Moulded Grab Bar
    This plastic moulded bath grab bar has an ergonomic shape. It provides a sturdy handle at the side of the bath, which provides confidence and stability when getting in and out of the bath.
  • Over the Toilet Frame
    These frames sit around the toilet and provide valuable support to the user. Many of the toilet frames are adjustable in both width and height.
  • Suction Handles
    Powerful suction cup, helping handle with comfortable handgrip, ideal for toilet or bathroom when extra balance or stability is needed.
    Perfect to take on holiday or if visiting friends or relatives, as they are not fixed and can be moved.
  • Grab Rails (Canterbury concept, hinged rail)
    Hinged foldable Grab rail, wall mounted for extra stability where needed.
    Permanent grab rails- secure fixing, superior performance, slip resistant finish, stylish and affordable.
    Please note the above products are permanent fittings and would need to be professionally installed.
  • Bath Sponge
    Our most popular sponge, these lightweight sponge with long reach handle are ideal for those with limited range of movement.
    The sponge feature soft polyfoam attached to a plastic handle
  • Nail Clippers
    The Table Top Finger Nail Clipper is mounted on a plastic base with non-slip feet. The large finger pad provided comfort and good leverage. The steel clipper has a curved edge.