Walking sticks (Canes) and Accessories

Canes and sticks, along with wide-base model sticks providing greater stability. Walking sticks can be a great aid for people with mobility/walking difficulties.

We have a wide range of walking sticks (Canes). Most canes are height adjustable, in many styles and colours, made from aluminium to make your cane sturdy and lighter. They come in the form of straight canes, foldaway (great for travel), assistance canes, canes with 3 or 4 feet to help with steady assistance and canes with a seat.

Here are a few in our range, more in store.

  • Accessories:
  • CANES tips (Ferrules)
    These are heavy duty grey,brown or black rubber ferrules designed to cushion and prevent wear.
    A selection of ferrules have the added benefit of circular grooved rings on the base to increase grip and performance, particularly good in wet conditions. Suitable for walking sticks, frames and crutches. Unifoot also available. 
  •      General round tips $6.00         Standing tip $20.00                           Standing tip attached to cane (Several sizes and designs in stock)
  •   Unifoot tips $55.00 (Special $40.00) 

            Cane straps  –   $15.00 to $20.00         

Cane Belt Strap/clip $12.00
Cane Holders (attach to cane and place on side of table) $10.00

Cane and walking stick designs and styles:

Foldaway Canes – assorted colours and designs – Price range $30.00 to $50.00
AML Foldable Adjustable $55.00
Swan Handle $36.00
Crook Handle Cane $45.00
Cane with assisted handle $42.00
Fischer Handle Cane $45.00
Strider – not foldable
Adjustable in height
$35.00 to $50.00
Tripods Walking Sticks with seat $60.00 (Blue seat – Special $40.00)
Tripod Walking Stick – Brown – $60.00